7 Web Design Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

7 Web Design Facts that Will Blow Your Mind
February 28, 2018 6:10 am Published by admin

The advancement in the technological world has increased the competition worldwide. One of the most effective tools for the survival of the different businesses in the digital world is a fully functional website. The website serves as the first medium of interaction between the business and the user which gives out the credibility, reliability, and authenticity of the business. However, there are certain facts about web design that you must know:

Fact no 1: Websites need to be updated every 3 years

Since the technology is continuously evolving, the tools and the devices used to access the internet are completely transforming. Therefore, it is essential for the survival of the businesses on the online platform that these are updated in two and maximum 3 years in order to provide a more dynamic user experience and save website from perishing. The way your website looks and functions change the perception of the user. Being unaware of this fact can cost you more loss than you can even imagine.

Fact no 2: Website looks different in each browser

The look of the website changes depending on the device from which it is being accessed. In order to provide the same dynamic user experience on each browser, we have to go through the complex process of making it cross-browser functional. The HTML and CSS standards play a key role in developing a cross-browser capability in the website that conquers all the potential hurdles resulting from diverse browsers. This fact ensures that all the necessary fixes are taken for providing a precise and functionally nice website in multiple browsers.

Fact no 3: Web design determines the focus of the user

The website design determines where the user will focus. The content should be incorporated into the design in such a way that it becomes prominent and captures the undivided attention of the user. If the relevant information which the user desires is not available within the 10 seconds then you can lose some potential leads and which further increase the bounce rate. The design should direct the user to the maximum information that compels him to make the purchase.

Fact no 4: Web design responsiveness beats them all

The web design responsiveness plays a key role in forming a lucrative business. The responsiveness is determined if the site is accessible on various devices. The design should be flexible to resize the web content and layout according to each device size and resolution whether it’s a tablet, mobile or desktop. Designers should take into consideration that the site should be accessed easily, scrolled without hanging and doesn’t crash to provide a consistent dynamic experience to the user. A web design that is not responsive stands to no benefit for the business.

Fact no 5: Website code determines your search engine ranking

The main purpose of the website is to get a maximum view which can build up the business audience. What happens if in spite of having a compelling website you receive no view, painful right? So in order to get maximum views make sure the web coding is phenomenally done. The coding affects the ranking in the search engines. The web coding is the foundation of the website which makes sure that it serves as a source for generating traffic and obtaining new leads. The way our website appears in search engine, its listing and more is determined by the coding of the website. So always consider your web source code or else your business online presence gets unnoticed.

Fact no 6: Don’t rely on design templates

The world is moving towards customization in every aspect of the website. The trend of using templates for web design has long gone and forgotten now. But still, there are some websites that are using it as an easy way out. These designs allow the formation of a web design without the knowledge of a code. The unnecessary elements induced in these templates affect the credibility of the business. There are many websites which try to infuse some interesting elements but instead of looking appealing, it ends up looking patchy. Therefore, formulating custom designs for website are crucial if organization really wants to benefit from it and improve its customer database

Fact no 7: Visually optimized design rule

A visually optimized web design allures more user than any other. The use of high-quality images in the proper order can significantly improve the website performance. Use compatible files that don’t affect the page load speed or efficiency of the website to provide a seamlessly positive user experience. Also, avoid using flash formats as these are not supported on many mobile platforms.

These are the 7 mind-blowing facts of web designing that were truly observed in the web design company in Dubai. The highlight of the facts is their overall applicability and feasibility. The designers must be updated on these facts to ensure a highly functional web design essential for boosting the organizational web presence.