How Much Does A Web Designing Cost In UAE?

February 15, 2018 11:46 am Published by admin

The boom in the online surge has taken the website world to a whole new level. The development has led the businesses to come with tactics and techniques while designing a web that compels users to the website. This has led to the increasing demand of the web designers which has simultaneously raised the prices for web designing. When we discuss web designing how can we miss out on the main hub of web designing i.e. UAE. The web designing industry in UAE is set to experiment quite frequently with the designing aspect of the website, which makes us question the cost that incurs while designing. The website designing cost is dependent upon the complexity of the website. There are many factors involved just an in any other business which when added to the main platform alters or change it which reciprocates in the form of increased prices. The adds on and extra elements incorporated in the website also increase the cost of the web designing. The factors that web designing basically ask about when taking up a project are break down for your assistance which affect the overall cost.

Factor # 1 (Design of the website)

Since the companies now are opting for designs that are created from scratch i.e. custom created for the business which conveys the brand image in the best possible way. The companies have moved from the conventional approach of utilizing the old templates because of the quality that lacks in them. The cost of custom design is higher as compared to the template reason as it lets you get as many pages as desired on the website. The more complex the website demanded the more the price rises as it consumes more of a time of a designer. The companies are adopting the approach of making the website eye-catching by inducing multimedia designs that allures and compels users to the website. Further, the smartphone usage acceleration has led the websites to be more accessible and responsive regardless of the device use, which also augments the cost of the website.

Factor # 2 (Content of the website)

This is the list that comprises the details regarding how many pages the website will constitute of, and what functional items are to be there in the website. This list basically determines how much the research designer has to go through in the formulation of a functional design. The more the research is required the more the price. The cost also depends on the type of research the designer has gone through.

Factor # 3 (Website content)

It is the most effective element of the website that generates high traffic for the website. If we are planning to use the existing content of the website in the new web design than this will cost less and if we are planning to augment new content than the price will be changed. Further, if we want the designer to come up with the content himself according to your specified needs than the price will be affected. Also the notion to use AR and VR content to make it more interactive also affects its cost.

Factor # 4 (Content Management System)

This tool is a must-have for the website owners in order to make the desired changes or editing in the website text, images, pages and any other information with just a few clicks. It gives the control of the website overall data. CMS is available in both free and paid versions, although with free version our actions are limited and so is the cost. It cost also varies depending on the site complexity.

Factor # 5 (Website Functionality)

Technical components determine the functionality of the website which includes e-commerce, message boards, and web forms. Since these components require an in-depth study and time for their development to testing to ensure that everything functions smoothly, it significantly impacts the budget of the web design. Although these are already available as free plug-in on open source program but these platform doesn’t give the website a unique look

Factor # 6 (User navigation and usability)

Website design cost also involves the effort of the designer in making the website visually appealing, its sitemap, formulation of page structure, developing the navigation and assigning labels for the links. Further, to ensure its usability it has to go down the procedure of formal testing. The more these things are given consideration, the easy it becomes for the user to navigate on the website decreasing the bounce rate but it does affect the cost.

Factor # 7 (Size of the website)

The website size also determines the price the designer charges as large website requires great research and testing. This consumes a significant amount of time of the designer. The website can be of a larger organization, small enterprise, start-up business, individual and more.
These are the factors that determine the cost of web designing. We at web designing make sure that each factor gets equal attention while offering affordability to the customers with a starting price of 800 AED which further depends on the mix of services you opt for. Our service makes sure that there are no hidden charges in contrast to the other service providers.