Top Trends in Web Design That Will Rock 2018 With A Bang

Web designing trends 2018
January 6, 2018 8:51 am Published by admin

Internet has become one of the most important source of work on which every sector of work depends upon. Anything which involves creativity to research, internet is the primary source through which people achieve their tasks. The increased use of internet has given the opportunity to the web developers and designers to create their websites and upload content which can help people and increase the use of their websites through users all across the world. But it is important for the web designers to keep their websites up to date, following the latest trends and fashions so that more users can be attracted and the traffic of the website can be increased.

One of the most important aspects of online representation is the Web design of a website which attracts users and makes them use that particular website. That is why knowledge about the latest trends of web designs are important for the developers so that they can keep up with the trendy designs and expand the use of their websites. Here are some of the latest trends of 2018 which can help understanding the latest fashions for web designing:

Animated Pictures

Creativity with animations:

It seems that the world is looking for more creativity in animation on the internet for everything. Animation can be used in any aspect whether its related to work or entertainment, it can bring out the fun part of the website convincing the users to discover the website even more. 2018 is a year which offers all designers and developers to show their skills of creativity using animating, prototyping, and using neat coding, functioning more intricate prototyping tools so that they are able to communicate their concepts to the users. This tip will definitely help your website to expand the limited boundaries and increase the traffic of users.

Catchy colors:

2018 offers us to expand our boundaries and step out of the box, experimenting and taking risks with colors on the web. Addition of bold and dominant colors with new tools like Khroma, giving a vast variety of colors and ways to make our websites more interesting, will help us to make our website more eye catching and attractive. One of the most important factors of web designs on which a website depends upon is the attraction of website, and attraction can be increased greatly by using colors in different ways and forms.

Catchy Colors


In the battle of eye catching websites, one of the weapons which you can use is the use of typography. Being the most important material for a web design, it is important to give it some special focus. Content of websites is the primary reason due to which users access our websites, but it will all go to waste if the content is not even read completely. That is why it very important to write our content using new innovative and attractive ways which would make the users read the content. As the resolution of new devices are sharpening, it is important to use such ways of typography that sharp resolution of devices can be in our favor making the content more attractive and eye catching, focusing on the fonts and using aesthetic effects. We can predict that in 2018 most of the content on websites will shift to bold fonts catching the attention of users.

New ways of communication:

It is important to consider the advancement and use of technology in the designing of websites, which can always shift the designing to favorable side, especially in 2018. The use of AR and VR these days is increasing day by day, giving us opportunity to cover that aspect as well in the field of designing. Using animation in a way of storytelling, communicating with our users through creative ways, providing data information and content via AR and VR media can greatly enhance the use of our website and shift our website to one of the top trendy webs for sure. New designs of our websites will need to cover the perspective of four dimensional world through internet and technology.

Modern Communications
New Tools

Using new tools for designing:

Previous years have been very innovative and productive in the field of web designing but 2018 changes the game of web designing. Previously designers have been focusing on some particular tools to change and improve the designs of websites like Adobe Photoshop for UI Designs, but this year we have to be innovative with the tools and our techniques using several tools to design our websites. These tools can include editing features like colors of the web to the animations using tools like InVision, Adobe XD, Figma, Axure, Marvel, Vectors and others. This will help us to design our website in ways which will improve every feature and would not be limited to certain improvements.

Use of Al in designing:

Artificial intelligence has improved a lot with the passage of time, turning imaginary concepts into reality, making it seem like a sci-fi but it has become all actuality. Al has worked it way through an evolution coming in the field of web designing. Al is included in “artificial narrow intelligence”, representing the advancement of artificial intelligence; it is used in technologies for powering voice assistance like siri in Apple and Google home. Now it can be used in the web designing for recommendations for the searched queries and keywords on the websites, entertaining our users to the best results for their searches, eventually supporting the users and increasing the users on our websites.

Artificial Intelligence

By following the mentioned points and using the advanced concept of new fashions and trends of web designing on our websites can help us greatly to increase the number of users and enhance the users traffic on our websites, helping us to achieve our main objective.